Script for Rapping
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Opening Sequence Edit

Amir: What the hell, they spelled my name wrong!
Jake: That's my name.
Amir: Oh okay.

Episode Edit

(Amir opens the door)
Amir: What are you doing.
Jake: Trying to hide from you.
Amir: That's weird.
(Amir sits down)
Amir: (Rapping) Yo so—
Jake: Don't.
Amir: (Rapping) Yo so, when it snows, my feet, they bleed, cause my shoes have holes and I cannay afford sockso.
Jake: Why do you thinly veil these depressing anecdotes in raps. You're still saying it, you know.
(Amir's about to start rapping)
Jake: Don't. I can tell you're gonna rap by the face you're making.
Amir: (Rapping) Sometimes, when it's super cold out and rainin' and stuff I order Chinese food and when it comes I don't tip the guy. I just take the food and kick him in the chest. When he lands on the floor I just lock him out. I don't pay for the food or pay for the tip, I make him regret stuff like his life, his job, and shiat like that-su.
Jake: (Rapping) Oh, yo it's like, everything you say is still a thing and it holds weight and it's inappropriate for the workplace. Unh, or anywhere really you should, unh yo never be kicking anyone in the chest.
Amir: (Rapping) I spent last week in a hospital, what I thought was Flinstone's vitamins was actually a birth control and I shouldn't have drank the whole botty-bottle, but I did. I got—
Jake: I don't think birth control comes in a bottle.
Amir: Oh sheesh y'all, 'twas a dream.
Jake: Was it really?
Amir: (Rapping) Nay, it actually happened and it caused me a lot of grief and money.
Jake: Are you okay?
Amir: (Rapping) Just a little queasy, I should take it easy—
Jake: Stop! Do you need to go home?
Amir: Yeah, probably. I don't know, I still feel a little poisoned you know.