Hardly Working: Airplane
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Hardly Working: Airplane
Date of Release March 18, 2009
Episode Line Terror at 4 1/2 feet.
Opening Sequence None

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Hardly Working: Airplane is an episode of the CollegeHumor show Hardly Working. It is also the second most watched Hardly Working episode behind Rap Battle with almost 800,000 views on YouTube alone.

Plot Edit

Dan begins to talk to Streeter about a date he went on at the weekend when Streeter lays on the floor and says Airplane. Dan then gets on Streeter so they look like and airplane. Amir then gets on the plane as a hijack and starts talking in a thick German accent as a German Terrorist. Sarah as an air hostess then tells the captain (Dan) that they are out of Vegetarian Meals. Amir then breaks her neck, and the terrorist starts making threats to Dan such as taking him to Monte Carlo when Streeter announces that they will run out of gas. Another airplane then appears, Jake flying on Josh. The terrorist then says something poetic but it made no sense. Dan then tries to take the plane down but the terrorist doesn't want him to be a hero. The airplane that is Jake flies off after saying God help you flight 942. Dan and Streeter struggle to get the plane down and Dan skids across the office floor with the terrorist still hanging on to his back. Amir gets off his back and runs away so Dan gets up and continues his conversation with Streeter from the start of the episode saying that they went back to his place, for dessert. Then Jake salutes them and Dan and Streeter hug and continue the conversation from the start of the episode.

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