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Opening SequenceEdit

Jake: Hey, you're watching Jake and Amir.
Amir: (Sarcastic) Oh bravo, bravo!
Jake: Shut up. Shut up!


(A broken Xbox 360 is on the ground, Amir standing next to it; Jake walks in)
Jake: Wow, this is my Xbox. I just bought it. What happened?
Amir: Okay, I can explain. Sarah walked into the office, right, and she was all like...
(The flashback is shown. Sarah is hopping, like in Hop To It)
Flashback Sarah: Eheheheheheh. Sup!
(Pat pops up)
Amir: Then Pat was all...
Flashback Pat: Sup!
Flashback Sarah: Aw hell naw, this is crazay in my nasay!
Flashback Pat: Aw no, I'm a dumbass nerd!
Flashback Sarah: And Sarah was all like, uh, no shiatsu.
Jake: So "Sarah said" and "Sarah was all like".
Amir: Will you let me finish? Okay, anyway...
(David is in the flashback now)
Flashback David: Oh sheesh y'all...
Everyone in the flashback: T'was a dream!
Jake: Nobody said that.
Flashback David: You weren't there.
(Murph comes in)
Flashback Murph: (Rapping) Yo so, my name is Byran Murphy, I like to drink curffee.
Jake: So he said his name was Byran, and he likes curffee. Cause that sounds like something you would say, because you don't know his name is Brian, and you don't know how to pronounce things, like "coffee".
Amir: And then...
Flashback Pat: (Shirtless) I'm gaaaaay!
Jake: Oh my god, just get to the Xbox!
Amir: Okay fine! So then I walk in like a hero or whatever, and...
(Now Amir is the only one in the flashback. He smashes the Xbox with a baseball bat. Then Jake comes in.)
Flashback Jake: Wow, what happened to my Xbox. This is ace. Dinner tonight.
Flashback Amir: Uh, yeah.
Jake: I never said that.
Flashback Jake: Didn't I?
Jake: Nope.
Flashback Jake: Ah. Crazay!